“Sharp Angle” exhibition depicts the tragedy of war

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The solo exhibition that has been held by the Damascus branch of the Syrian Plastic Artists Union at Louay Kayali Gallery for the artist Osama Diab entitled “Sharp Angle” depicts life and the “accompanying visual drama” during the crisis.

 The exhibition includes 24 oil paintings of different sizes dominated by the tragic drama that depicts human-being’s suffering.

Artist Diab told Syria Times: “I want to show in this exhibition the painful and difficult and cruel human cases caused by the siege and unjust sanctions on our country.”

“The title of the exhibition “Sharp Angle” means to express the presence of many invisible things in our life. The sharp angle includes many tragedies and surgeries related to human pain and his suffering and hardships of life.” Diab continued.

He stressed that the exhibition is a continuation of his series of exhibitions related to the idea of ash, the grey color in his paintings which represents a situation we live in a time of war and siege and the ability of human to reborn again in order to rebuild his country, indicating that he uses oil colors in his paintings and concentrate on dark colors along with a simple spectrum of hot or cold colors.

“Despite pessimistic and melancholic appearance in my work, there is still a hope in our life.. We all overcome all these painful scenes towards a better and more beautiful future”, Diab concluded

Reported by: Nada Haj KHidr

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